Buy a Steel Cooler of Your Choice

A retro looking steel cooler is of top choice as it is a great combo of operation and availability. Equipped with a compact design with thermal efficiency. A stainless case and lid provides durability and protection to this unit. Stainless steel coolers are rust free and leak proof. Even rust-resistant hinges and handles are able to handle as much abuse as you give it. Purchasing this model is always a pleasure.

A surprising thing to note is that the production of these stylish models came to an end in 1994 itself. Again in 2001, Coleman reintroduced this Steel Cooler because of its popularity and huge demand. The previous steel cooler was known for its traditional and rugged design. It came with a tight fitting lid and thick insulation. With the change of time these have undergone a drastic change to meet with your level of expectation. mccoy cooler

There are a variety of models available that include Tote Wine Cases, Picnic Coolers, Wheeled Coolers, Thermoelectric Coolers and other parts & accessories. A Tote Wine Cooler is a convenient portable wine cooler, which can be easily carried to beach or any distant places without tampering the taste of your wine. The stainless cover of this model makes it look chic. A Picnic Cooler also comes in a sleek steel body that helps keep the contents fresh, maintaining a particular temperature inside. Rough use of a picnic cooler won’t damage it much because of its robust stainless steel exterior.

On the other hand, a wheeled cooler is a modern stainless cooler that is accompanied by wheels. It comes equipped with handles making it easy to lift and drag. This model is extremely convenient and simple to haul your drinks and foods to any place. A Thermoelectric model provides a great combination of both substance and style as it keeps your drink and food at a particular temperature. This portable and powerful Stainless Steel Cooler can be plugged to any 12V DC power supply or a 110V AC outlet. This compact model a good choice for making your trip, hotel, kitchen, offices.

Cooler parts & accessories when made of steel gives the best results as they are more durable. There are various brands available for parts such as Coleman Cooler Part, Igloo Cooler Part, Koolatron Cooler Part and Oasis Water Cooler Part. Stainless steel parts and accessories comes last in your usage of steel cooler, but are the most important aspect.

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